Crytpo Buddhas are a uniques set of collectable cards based on Buddhism. The cards contain a buddha and are all animated. Each card contains a quote from Buddha, along with a score by percentage. Luck, Abudance and Wealth. These cards are a worth while collecatble to have in your wallet, to bring you luck and fortune. are thee first editions for the OpenSea market place.They will be set around 0.5 Eth and may go higher or lower in price depending on demand. The aim is to make the buyer happy and bring love, abundance and good fortune to him/her wallet. 

We think that the Crypto Buddhas will increase in value over time. Because are dedicated to minting only 5 of each Buddha. 

Although the future we will bring out new editions to the Crypto Buddhas family. 

Each Buddha is designed and crafted with love and gratitude, to bring beauty and style to your wallet holdings. 

You can check out the Crypto Buddhas on OpeSea platform.