Crypto BuddhAS nft’S

Crypto Buddhas, Original Crypto Buddhas living on the Etherium network.

The original Crypto Buddhas Collectable NFT’s. Created with Buddha in mind. All the Buddhas are unique and contain an original quotes from Buddha each Buddha card is animated and has a selection of traits.This is the 1st Volume collection of 100 Crypto Buddhas, with traits of auspicious symbols, luck, wealth and abundance.You can find these Crypto Buddhas on Opensea, with a majority of them already sold.

We also have some one of a kind collections, Chinese newyear Buddhas,Lucky Buddhas, and the Moon Buddhas also can be found on opensea.

The next chapter is Crypto Buddhas Volume 2. The project is in production and release date will be here soon. This collection will be 10000 Crypto Buddhas with a wide selection of traits which we will reveal soon. Also some surprise connections, some super rare Crypto Buddhas will be in this collection. A date will be set soon that you will be able to mint directly from this website.

Release Date NEW : Jan, Feb –  Coming Soon 

Quantity : 10k

Whitelist : TBA

Airdrop : TBA

Mint Price : TBA

Rewards will be given from Volume 2 collection if you own any of the Volume 1 Crypto Buddhas. 😉

Crypto Buddhas Volume 1

Fortune Buddha

Sold Out

Lucky Buddha

Sold Out

Deep Meditation

Sold Out

Mindful Buddha

Sold Out

Abundant Buddha

Sold Out

Chan Buddha

4 Left

Lucky Laughing Buddha

Sold Out

Peace Buddha

Sold Out

Golden Buddha

1 Left

Delightful Buddha

Sold Out

Happy Buddha

4 Left

Zen Buddha

Sold Out

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Crypto Buddhas, Original Crypto Buddhas can only be found on OpenSea. 


10k Crypto Buddhas

Volume 2

Coming Soon

Future Collectables

Moon Editions

The 2nd Enditions of Crypto Buddhas will be the Moon Editions. 30 Unique Buddha Collectables all animated with a quote from Buddha. The will each be minted once. 

Volume 1

Crypto Buddhas Collectable Cards

You can see all the 1st Edition Crypto Buddhas Collectables on the OpenSea network availble for purchase. 100 of these cards are available at the time of writing this. Random amounts will be minted for each card of a max. of 5. Changes have been made to create scarcity.

Check out all the cards on OpenSea.